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Woolshoes TEX

Art.No.: 1011MH
For your wellbeing and good for your health. Domestic footwear for every occasion, pleasantly warm, but "breathes" There is thus no unpleasant sweaty feet hydroregulation due to specific properties of wool.
957 Kč
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Domestic footwear for every occasion, easy to slip on. Pleasantly warm, but breathes, there is no unpleasant sweaty feet due hydroregulation properties of wool. Made from 100% wool premium quality guaranteed Woolmark trademark.

The insole of 5 mm PUR foam for a softer step down quality soft sole - all with regard to your comfort and functionality. Wool pleasantly warm, thanks to the length, flexibility and waving fiber has the unique ability to balance the management of heat and moisture (dry heat: warm in winter, cool in summer) and helps to relieve rheumatic problems. Wool is a natural functional material, naturally insulates and manages moisture level, is beneficial for the entire organism.