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Women's functional undershirt made of Merino wool - natural

Warranty: 24 Months
Art.No.: 800004
Undershirt WOOLIFE is fine Merino wool healthy functional underwear highest quality guaranteed seals Woolmark wool (wool weight 210g / m2) for everyday use and for all generations.
1.590 Kč
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Wool functional underwear WOOLIFE Merino made ​​of extremely high quality wool 210g / m2 is healthy.

This way the function underwear (1. layer), you are cool: the first layer directly on the body, which pleasantly warm but breathable. Fine Merino wool sweat away from the body and vhlkost carries out the laundry and not cold (like cotton when wet, sweaty) and therefore warms better than synthetic materials and clammy, sweaty does not smell, you can also wear clothes in more difficult conditions. WOOLIFE Merino Wool underwear will not disappoint, natural material processed with modern technology is the first and best choice if you do not want to compromise. WOOLIFE Merino underwear for every weekday for all: at home, in the garden, to work, for sport, for all generations. Perfect gift for athletes and for elders, parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, etc.. Linen is suitable for all-day and year-round wear, even in summer. Protects against UV rays.