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1991 - 2015

Today, more than 20 years, we can bring "warmth of home", products that will serve you well and help you create and share home comfort, background, calm, charm of the place where you would like to return, where you spend a relaxing moment with your loved ones.

Thank you for your trust.

VITAPUR spol. s r.o. Company is a family owned company based in Litomyšl, in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1991 by Mrs. Vlasta Veselíková as trade business during maternity leave and since then the small, incremental steps still develops and builds on a long tradition and experience of skilled and imaginative Czech furriers, shoemakers, tailors and seamstresses (and other crafts textile processing ) řemeslo.Tato proud of its tradition in our country and in Europe in recent years is fading somewhat, but do not give up so easily.


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We can not live on tradition. You need to think, rehearse, create and innovate. We select for you the best natural materials and modern functional materials and latest technologies are environmentally friendly, produce a very experienced team of skilled employees, who are masters of their craft, in particular:

  • Anatomic pillows and futons VITAPUR
  • Program VITAPUR for home and professional care: hygiene sheets, mattress protectors, protection clothing for children and seniors, positioning and fixation devices
  • Nursing pillows for moms, bed and woolen program for children: Blankets, pillows, fusaky of functional materials, bibs
  • Bedding, blankets, pillows, blankets, pillows, TV bags, cushions and other accessories from premium 100% wool in various designs and price ranges bearing the seal of wool Woolmark
  • Quality slippers to warm up
  • Health supplements, kidney belts, heating pads
  • Raincoats, fusaky and other products for wheelchairs brand FreeDirection

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