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Complaints and Service


Dear customers,

we are a manufacturer of goods sold in this shop. Production and dispatch of finished products in a process of thorough inspection. Particular attention is paid to the preparation and packaging of the packages for you, our customers shop. Despite these measures, it may happen that something is not quite succeed. Please note that in this case, the inadvertent failure, for which we apologize that, if it is inflicted on our side, acknowledge and resolve to the satisfaction of you, our customers.

Receipt of the goods package-

When accepting the package, please be careful. If you transmit carrier package that is visibly damaged, ripped, partially open, do not take it! If you like this takes over and will miss part of the contents can not be applied to carriers claim. The fact is that the damaged package is still less is it a common problem.

Customer service

All warranty and post-warranty services are provided directly by the seller at:
VITAPUR spol. s r.o.
Trstěnická 932
570 01 Litomyšl
Czech Republic

Reason for rejection of goods

For complaints is governed by the applicable laws and regulations to protect consumers. In cases where you have received a package containing:
- Damaged goods
- Goods incomplete
- There you other goods than you ordered (confusion shipments on our side) can this shipment or individual to claim the goods.
The above cases do not concern the statutory period of 14 days to return goods without giving any reason. This right is not subject to these reasons and limitations.

How to claim the goods

Before first use, the purchaser is required to read the warranty conditions, including the Czech manual for operation and maintenance and then consistently manage this information
The written complaint, we recommend in all cases provide:
- invoice
- Proof of payment and delivery
- Self-claimed goods

The deadline for dealing with complaints

The seller is obliged to settle the claim within the statutory period of 30 calendar days. Rights liability for defects are applied to seller. Shipment complaint protocol, ie confirmation that the seller took over the goods to the complaint process, the buyer is within 3 working days. Our goal is, if it this is the case, solve everything quickly.
In the case of sending the goods to the buyer complaint to the address of the seller, the buyer pays the shipping to a location designated by the seller himself. In the case of a warranty for the buyer is entitled to costs necessarily incurred to transport.
Address for sending the goods to the complaint:
VITAPUR spol. s r.o.
Trstěnická 932
570 01 Litomyšl
Czech Republic

The length of the warranty on the goods Standard statutory warranty period is 24 months. Warranty 24 months about to begin on receipt of the sale.

To resolve the complaint, you can use the form below, or. Type your email. About the complaint, or receive goods for warranty and post-warranty service, the buyer notified by email or phone.